Contest Rule

Contest Rule

Contest Rules

*Note :  Apple is not involved in any way with the contest


In addition to your agreement with the Terms, the following provisions apply with respect to you participating in our contest draws ("Draw(s)") and winning the prizes ("Prize(s)").


We may amend these Draw Terms at any point in time without notice and the amendments will take effect once they have been displayed on the Platform. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these Draw Terms periodically to familiarize yourself with any modifications. Your continued use of the Platform and/or entry into Draws following any amendments shall be construed as acceptance of those amendments.Draws will be approved by the relevant authorities in the UAE and are in accordance with the guidelines (as such they may be amended from time to time). A valid permit number will be issued for each respective Draw. Where Draws are being run from any other jurisdiction outside the UAE where we operate from, Dealz Arabia will obtain the necessary regulatory requirements and permits as stipulated by the law in such jurisdiction.


Only users with a valid Membership to the Platform that satisfies all the Terms are eligible to enter into our Draws.

The types of Draws vary on the Platform. Each product purchased on the Dealz Arabia App and/or each Advert viewed on the Dealz Arabia One App in accordance with these Terms is associated with a specific type of Draw whereby a user is awarded at least a single complimentary ticket ("Ticket") to that specified Draw after purchasing the product or viewing the Advert.


If you purchase a product on the Dealz Arabia App, you will have the option to either:

Contribute the purchased product to a charity of our choice. In this case, Dealz Arabia will double your Ticket entry into the specified Draw so that two Tickets under your name will be in the Draw or award you with a fixed amount of credit in the form of iPoints, depending on the offer attached to the campaign at the time of your purchase; or opt NOT to contribute the purchased product to charity and instead, either wish to collect the purchased product or pay an additional fee to have the purchased product delivered to a UAE-based address of your choice by a delivery partner of our choice.


To collect your product, you must visit pickup point that you selected from the list of the pickup point mentioned in web/app  within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of purchase. Failure to collect the product within this time frame may result the unavailability of the products. There will be  no refund  for such delay by the customer and present your valid identification (such as your national identification card, passport, driver's license, etc.) as may be required in our sole discretion. Dealz Arabia may, at its sole discretion, allow an individual who has been given a written, valid and effective Power of Attorney (POA) by you to collect the product, subject to them presenting the necessary identification. Dealz Arabia will evaluate any such reliance on a POA on a case-by-case basis and cannot guarantee that an individual with a POA from you will be allowed to collect the product on your behalf. Failure to collect the purchased product within this time frame will result in such product being donated to charity.


Ticket numbers are computer generated and may not be sequential to the order in which the products they are associated with are purchased. You cannot choose Ticket numbers as they are generated only upon checkout and completion of purchase of the associated products, or otherwise when you have finished watching an entire Advert on Dealz Arabia One.
Tickets awarded to you through your use of our Platform are neither refundable nor transferable and are owned solely and exclusively by you.
The length of each Draw varies and the date when the Prizes are awarded can occur on any day of the week for the Draws that have 'sold out' a minimum of 24 hours prior to the day of the Draw. The Draw shall occur in the presence of a government representative, unless the government authority approves otherwise, and as such the results of any Draw are not subject to negotiation, interference, challenge, or argument by a user. The Draw date will be subject to the government representative's availability.


The deadline to enter any Draw using your Ticket is prior to the sell-out of all products specified within the Draw, or prior to the closure of the Draw (which happens before the Draw date); or, in the case of a timed Draw, prior to the end of the timer displayed on the campaign box of the specific Draw. The period of the Draws can be extended at Dealz Arabia's sole discretion, and we will notify you of any such extension.

Winners of the Draws are selected by the government representative and will be notified on the day the Draw occurs. The names of winners may also be announced in the local and regional press as well as on the Platform and our associated social (online) media profiles, unless you specifically advise us otherwise in writing prior to the Draw. Unless otherwise specified, the number of winners per Draw will always be one (1).


On the Draw day, an email will be sent to the registered email on the Platform detailing the next steps and how you can claim the Prize, which may include the following:

In the event the winner is based in the United Arab Emirates, then he/she needs to collect the Prize from our premises within sixty (60) calendar days and present valid identification as may be required, in our sole discretion, in order to collect the Prize. Failure to collect the Prize within this time period WILL result in us transferring the Prize to the government authority after which Dealz Arabia will have no further responsibility with respect to the Prize. Post transfer, the winner must liaise with the government authority whereupon he/she will be subject to their terms and conditions.


In the event a winner does not reside in the United Arab Emirates, we will either courier the Prize to the winner by air or land (as we may determine in our sole discretion), or ship the Prize to the winner's country of residence (nearest seaport as selected by us in our sole discretion) free of charge, and we will insure shipment of the Prize until delivery thereof at the port. Collection from the port and clearance through the port and customs shall be the responsibility, and at the cost, of the winner. Accordingly, all local taxes, custom duties, and any other form of expense beyond shipping and delivery at the port will be paid by the winner.


Once a Prize is handed to/collected by the courier/handler for international delivery, risk and responsibility will transfer to the winner and we no longer hold claim nor responsibility for any damage/injury incurred in transit, or upon delivery.

By entering the Draw, all winners consent to the use of any and all content made by or provided to us. This includes but is not limited to the use of their name, photographs, videos, call recordings and other material created during the Draw, in the local and regional press, on the Platform and on any social (online) media profile associated with us. You may choose to withdraw your consent at any time, but this may affect your entrance into a Draw.
All Prizes displayed on our Platform will be awarded, as displayed, with only minor (if any) physical changes.

Where the registration or transfer of ownership of a Prize is necessary, such registration or transfer of ownership will be made against the name of the winner only, as it appears on the winning ticket. By entering the Draw of a Prize where registration or transfer of ownership is necessary, you agree that you meet the required government and regulatory criteria to receive such registration or transfer of ownership.

If any winner is subsequently found ineligible to participate in the Draw, we may at our sole discretion reclaim the Prize or dispose of the same in such a manner and to such person as we deem fit. All such decisions will be in line with applicable laws.

We will not be responsible for arranging any insurance, including travel insurance, medical insurance, transport, meals, or any other expenses of a personal nature incurred by the winner in the collection of the Prize, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.

We will not be responsible for claims, damages, or expenses of any nature whatsoever for any loss, illness, bodily injury, including death, of or to any winner and/or any third-party during and/or in course of usage of any Prize or due to any defects in any Prizes.

Winners are responsible for any and all tax liability where applicable